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What are the standards for the safe use of fully automatic crane tubes?

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What are the standards for the safe use of fully automatic crane tubes?

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Crane pipe is a kind of very convenient loading and unloading equipment, which is characterized by seamless steel pipe in arm pipe and aluminum alloy pipe in insert pipe, which has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient operation and labor saving。 

In the process of using the crane pipe, it is necessary to follow the safe use standard in order to ensure the safety and accuracy of the operation。 

The following by the automatic crane tube manufacturers to introduce the safety of crane pipe use standards。

Automatic crane tube

All kinds of oil loading platform, oil pipeline, oil crane pipe and iron pipe shall be equipped with electrostatic grounding facilities in accordance with the regulations, and an inspection and determination shall be carried out once a year in the spring, and the differences shall be dealt with in a timely manner。 

When the crude oil unloading crane pipe needs to be heated by steam, the jacket and safety accessories on the tank car should be carefully checked, and the steam pressure should be lower than the required pressure to avoid jacket damage. 

When installing the crane pipe joint of the tank car, do not smash it with iron, and apply the casing to fasten the wire to avoid sparks and cause accidents. 

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