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What should be paid attention to in the use of crane tube?

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What should be paid attention to in the use of crane tube?

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Crane pipe manufacturers understand that crane pipe plays a very important role in liquid handling such as petroleum, chemical wharf and so on. 

Crane tube is divided into upper crane tube, lower crane tube, bottom crane tube, liquid ammonia crane tube and so on。

Crane tube manufacturer

When choosing and purchasing crane pipe, we should try our best to choose the crane pipe produced by regular manufacturer, in order to ensure the safety of crane pipe. 

The use of crane tube should be inspected regularly during use, and should be replaced in time when damaged parts are found. 

Apply lubricating oil to the parts where you need to apply lubricating oil on a regular basis to reduce the wear and tear consumption of the machine。 

If a problem is found, contact a professional for repair and maintenance to avoid danger。 

After the final assembly is completed, the spring cylinder balance system should also be adjusted in a timely manner by lifting the outer arm to more than 65 degrees and then unscrewing the lid at the end of the balancer. 

This can be adjusted until the crane tube can stop in the range of-15 degrees to 60 degrees. 

For more information about crane pipe, etc., you can learn more about crane pipe manufacturer huade petrochemical.

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