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What are the characteristics of automatic crane control?

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What are the characteristics of automatic crane control?

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Crane pipe is a kind of telescopic pipe, which is mostly used for liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical wharf, such as oil, water and so on. 

It is divided into many kinds, compared with the old hose has the advantages of high safety, flexibility and so on。 

The following by the editor to introduce to you what are the characteristics of automatic crane pipe.

Automatic crane tube

Using the operating hand valve to easily realize the horizontal movement of the inner and outer arms and the up and down movement of the telescopic vertical pipe; a large number of users actually prove its high reliability; greatly reduce the working intensity of the operator and improve the safety of the operator; the sealing effect of loading is good. 

It can be loaded under positive pressure and airtight; in the case of loss of gas source, it can be used as a manual crane tube to realize uninterrupted loading function; low maintenance demand can reduce the risk of equipment downtime. 

Crane pipe can be divided into car loading and unloading crane pipe, train loading and unloading crane pipe, aircraft loading and unloading crane pipe, bucket crane tube and so on. 

It is widely used in loading and unloading fluid operation of railway, highway and so on. 

For more information about automatic crane pipe, you can consult Huade Petrochemical Industry, a fully automatic crane pipe manufacturer, in detail.

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